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Puppy Training

Our dog trainers LOVE helping new puppy owners succeed. There is so much conflicting information out there, so having an expert during this critical time can help you mold your puppy into your dream dog. Avoid problem behaviors before they start. Basic puppy training (socialization, crate training, and manners) through off leash obedience training available.

Dog Obedience

Dog Dynamix Ohio specializes in intensive dog training camps (boarding and training style) designed for on and off leash obedience, house manners, good behavior in public, and more. All of our training programs include regular field trips to parks, stores, trails, and more, so your dog will come home with new skills that will compliment your lifestyle.

Dakota Baker
Shaina was so great working with my boy! I had no clue what the first steps were to begin training. He was so terrible to take hiking with us or anywhere in public because he didn’t know how to behave and I had no clue where to begin to correct him. Shaina knows how to communicate to dogs and explain things properly to you on how to maintain your training. He is now a joy to take walking on his leash, he’s no longer constantly choking himself by pulling. We still have a lot of work to do to maintain, but he’s a completely different dog when he came home. I can’t even explain how great it feels to be able to control him and have him listen to me. I would 100% recommend to anyone considering a board and train program. She provides you all the information you need to succeed and does not want to see you or your dog fail.
Paige Clark
Shaina is absolutely amazing, both with dogs and people. She answered all of my questions and soothed my woes when it came to leaving my pup for a few weeks. While I missed him it was for the best of both of us. I can't say enough good things about my experience! My dog also came back happy and healthy.
Breanna Jane
Shaina is an incredibly talented trainer with a heart of gold. Her love for dogs is evident in everything she does. Your dog will receive incredible training and be in the great hands!
Sydnie Schneider
Our training day was an amazing experience. Shaina knows how to break down problems and explain them step by step. She gives new ideas and things to work on to progress towards your goals! I highly recommend her.
Samantha Sampson
Training with Shaina is amazing! I was able to travel to her facility and train with her during a small seminar she hosted. Our group had dogs and handlers of all levels. Shaina had amazing advice for each and broke even the most complex behaviors down so even beginners like me could understand! Not only was she a great instructor, she was a great host to us and made everyone feel welcome immediately. I 10/10 will continue to train with Shaina at Dog Dynamix Ohio and you should too!
Kileen Kaeck
Shaina has been absolutely amazing to work with!!! I could not ask for a better dog trainer. I was looking for a dog trainer in the Dayton, Ohio area to help with basic obedience as well as protection sport training when I brought home my german shepherd puppy, Venom. She has given me such great guidance on building a confident, friendly, driven puppy! She’s also been a life saver helping me work through his dog reactivity. Shaina has been nothing but helpful and kind when introducing new training methods; even when I stumble through not knowing what I’m doing just yet. Venom loves going to see her, he gets excited just turning on to her road! I 10/10 recommend Shaina for training your dog!
Hollyanne Kilmore
Best place for dog training!!
Carolyn Culhane
I made an impulse buy and adopted a rescue dog. I know she, Brody, came from a pretty bad situation. She had leash reactivity and fear aggression, especially towards the FedEx trucks. I was afraid someone would get hurt. Although I’d had other dogs before and trained them, I did not know what to do about this behavior. I initially went to Dog Dynamix to get just the basic obedience work so that we could have a nice house pet. I did a private training session where I met this quiet young woman who in 30 minutes had my crazy dog swooning over her and wanting to do anything she asked with joy. Shaina said, “You need to do rally with this dog so she has some fun. We can get into serious obedience later.” I had never even heard of rally. But I took her advice because, to me, I had already seen a miracle in improved behavior. 5 years later, at least 6 classes and tons of practice sessions, I’m now into dog sports and just got my next dog prospect. Shaina taught me and my dog confidence and to pay attention to each other and not everything else going on around us. I’ve seen a complete turn around. Brody LOVES Shaina and “dog school.” I can now take her anywhere and walk her off leash with the confidence she will return to me when called no matter what is going on around her. I’ve seen Shaina do this with so many dogs and people now, because dog training truly takes training both owners and their companions. She is patient and kind. She teaches you to be the same so that your dog doesn’t have to be yelled at to obey commands. I can whisper to my dog and she will obey. She helps you build a relationship with your dog that is fun for both of you and encourages your dog to want to please you. Shaina clearly loves dogs and dog sport. I’ve enjoyed training so much, I just keep going, Dog Dynamix offers a range of classes and services. I’ve now been training or working with Shaina for 5 years. I’ve seen her take her own dogs from tiny puppies to world champions. I’ve had so much fun and learned so much that I’m going to begin competing myself. Shaina is not just a trainer, but a friend. Even though she is in Ohio and I’m now in Florida, she’s still the #1 person I turn to for training advice. I could not recommend her enough. You’ll be so glad you chose her and Dog Dynamix to work with you and your dogs!
Lynze Holcomb
My Buck and I Participated in Shania's workshop for mondioring skills. We came for work on rather what we could call "pet obedience", we hunt with Buck and needed to tighten up on our basic skills while in the field. Shaina took time to go over things I was over looking and or putting too much into. Refreshed some very valuable skills and kept me completely comfortable although we were the odd balls out. That work shop was last year and I still reach out with questions to this day! She's been beyond helpful to us! Can't thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do for our furry best friends !!


Located just 25 minutes from Bellefontaine, Ohio, our Maplewood dog training center is the perfect choice if you are looking for a nationally awarded dog trainer who produces reliable on and off leash obedience training for dogs. Your dog will live inside your dog trainer’s home, not an off-site kennel facility or garage, and will be cared for around the clock as part of the family. Our Board and Train programs are truly immersive; your dog will have a blast learning in real world environments where you need them to behave the most. We are located about an hour from most metro areas, and offer free transportation services to dogs living in Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, and the surrounding areas who enroll in our training while boarding programs. We offer free phone consultations, meet and greets, and tours so you can be certain you’re choosing the best dog trainer in the Columbus area.

We know it’s hard to be away from your dog. At Dog Dynamix Ohio, we make sure you are kept in the loop throughout the entire training process, providing regular check-ins as well as photo and video updates. Choosing a boarding and training program with us means we are committing to you and your dog for the long haul. Our dog trainers want you to succeed, and they want your results to last. All of our dog training programs come with all of the recommended training equipment, written and video instructions, follow up lessons, and long-term support from your dog trainer, so that you can protect your investment and know the training will stick.

Dog Dynamix Ohio offers boarding and daycare services to graduates of our programs as well as discounted refresher training programs.

Columbus OH Dog Training

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