Shaina began her career in the dog industry in 2009 and has been a full time dog trainer with Dog Dynamix since March of 2016, working closely underneath Lisa Lucero, arguably one of the most talented dog trainers in the country. Prior to training dogs full time, Shaina worked as a veterinary assistant, and earlier as a manager for a high-volume dog boarding and daycare facility in Parker, Colorado. Shaina brings extensive and knowledge with her as an Ohio Dog Trainer.

Shaina is particularly passionate about competition obedience and modern e-collar training and aims to keep training as fun and motivational for both owner and dog, while still maintaining strict criteria and achieving reliable results. Reliable off leash dog training means more freedom and adventure, and that’s what Shaina incorporates into all of her dog and puppy training programs here in Ohio.

In addition to working full-time as Colorado’s Customer Care coordinator and Ohio’s lead trainer for Dog Dynamix, Shaina spends much of her “time off” traveling the country to compete in various dog sports and to teach Competition Obedience seminars for other dog training clubs. She is also a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP), a board member for the United States Mondioring Association (USMRA), and a training volunteer with the Shelby County 4-H program.

Shaina has attended many training seminars, webinars, and weekend training workshops held by other professional dog trainers (including Robin MacFarlane, Nelson Hodges, Fernando Dosta, David Broderick, Todd Dunlap, Joaquim Dovat, Tommy Verschueren, Oscar Mora, Michael Ellis, Forrest Micke and more) so she can keep current on the most modern, humane methods of dog training, and is grateful for the opportunity to work with some of the most talented dog trainers in the world.

She caught the dog-sport bug in 2011 after bringing home her first working dog, a high-drive German Shepherd named Versailles. Shaina and Versailles competed together in IGP, AKC Obedience, and AKC/ASCA Rally Obedience. Shaina is currently competing with two of her dogs in Ringsport (French Ring and Mondioring), Atom and Flinke, and is currently training a puppy named Reiki  — all Belgian Malinois. Shaina is currently a member of Heartland Working Dog Club in Lewisburg, Ohio.

Shaina relocated to the Midwest in August of 2022, looking for land and an opportunity to provide the best dog training programs possible. She decided on a 2.5 acre property in Maplewood, Ohio (about an hour from Dayton, and just over an hour from Columbus and Cincinnati) and got to work, fencing the property, getting the training building usable, and setting up a beautiful kennel room inside of her new home. She looks forward to making genuine connections with dog owners in the Western Ohio region!

Give us a call and let’s talk about what Shaina can do for your dog or puppy, today.

Shaina Zimmerman and David Broderick stand on the competition field with Atom, a Belgian Malinois, at a NARA French Ring trial in Cave Creek, Arizona

Versailles von zur Bindenburg BH, CD, RN, APR1
Atom de Jardin CGC, BH, RN, RNX, MR Brevet, MR3, Champion of MR1 at the 2019 USMRA National Championship, selected for the Team USA 2020 FMBB Championship at MR1, 3rd place MR3 at the 2021 USMRA National Championship, FR2, Vice-Champion at the 2022 USMRA National Championship.
Flinke Idole des Loups du Lac MR1

Why do titles matter?

It’s true — when looking for puppy training in Dayton or Columbus dog training for your pet, you don’t need your dog to do a flashy focused heel or change positions at a distance without moving their feet. But, if your dog trainer can teach advanced obedience skills with precision and a high degree of reliability, imagine what they can do for you and your dog.

Competing in a dog sport means “proving yourself” in new environments, without rewards or corrections (and usually off leash), while being judged by a non-biased third party against a defined set of criteria. A dog trainer with high level accomplishments has taught and proofed advanced dog training exercises and has been able to demonstrate reliability, and that matters a lot!