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We offer the best dog boarding while training programs in the Columbus, Ohio area. Let our experienced dog trainer help you get the most out of your dog.

Shaina Zimmerman and Atom de Jardin, a Belgian Malinois, heeling together during their BH at Rocky Mountain Working Dogs


Shaina Zimmerman

Head Dog Trainer

13 Years Industry Experience

Why Choose Dog Dynamix?

Our boarding and training programs take place in your dog trainers home, so they have an immersive 24/7 training experience. Shaina is a highly accomplished dog trainer, both for pet training as well as National level dog training competitions. Your dog will be in good hands and you will be kept up-to-date throughout the entire process. We offer a variety of boarding and training options for on and off leash obedience training, correcting naughty behavior, puppy training, and more.

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"Shaina was so great working with my boy! I had no clue what the first steps were to begin training. He was so terrible to take hiking with us or anywhere in public because he didn’t know how to behave and I had no clue where to begin to correct him. Shaina knows how to communicate to dogs and explain things properly to you on how to maintain your training. He is now a joy to take walking on his leash, he’s no longer constantly choking himself by pulling."

Dakota Baker

"Shaina is quite simply one of the very best trainers out there. She was able to connect with my fearful aggressive German Shepherd Choco and help his humans learn exactly how to work with him. Although I’m no expert, I truly feel like I know how to work with dogs now and feel confident in my ability to be a good owner. I am now a Shaina loyalist and suggest you become one too. She’s fierce, and talented as hell at what she does."

Laura Ferguson

"With her knowledge of dog handling and training approach, she makes training fun while simulating practical situations and appropriate level of challenges for our dog’s progression. My dog is always actively engaged with Shaina and loves training with her. More importantly Shaina was able to train me to be a better, more confident handler as well as become an educated advocate for my dog. I highly encourage and recommend Shaina for your dog training needs. She is wonderful!"

Janet Rowe

Your Questions Answered.

Your dog is family. We know you want the best for your dog, and are looking for a dog trainer that can actually get results. Dog training requires a high level of trust between dog owner and dog trainer, and we’d love the chance to prove to you that you can trust your beloved dog in our hands.

If you’re looking at this page, it means you are doing your research and working hard to find the right dog trainer for you. Great work! It is very important to research dog training companies before hiring one. We always recommend that dog owners do the following in their search for a dog obedience training program:

  • Check online for reviews from past dog training clients (GoogleFacebook, etc)
  • Look through past social media posts (Facebook and Instagram), looking at the attitude of the dogs and the results
  • Interview the dog trainer over the phone prior to enrolling your dog in a dog boarding and training program
  • Ask about the dog-to-trainer ratio at the dog training center
  • Inquire about your dog trainers professional experience, including:
    • Years in the field as a full-time dog trainer
    • Experience in other parts of animal husbandry (animal shelter work, veterinary care, boarding and daycare services, etc.)
    • Professional accomplishments such as titles in competitive dog sports, awards, or otherwise
    • Any mentorships, seminars, dog training workshops they have completed
    • Number of years spent working under other dog trainers (did they just open a business without experience?)

At Dog Dynamix Ohio, we believe nothing beats years in the field working with a team, learning the most up-to-date dog and puppy training methods, and proving ourselves on the competition field. Dog training is a constantly changing — and unregulated — industry, and there is always more for a dog trainer to learn. 

We are a balanced training facility, meaning we start all dogs off with a liberal foundation of positive reinforcement training through shaping and luring behaviors. Once they have a solid understanding of the obedience skills on the leash, we then overlay the “have to” part of training via thoughtful use of corrections. We then work to build their skills unleashed, with the goal being a reliable off-leash trained dog. Using a balanced training methodology we produce happy, motivated dogs who want to work, but also know they have to listen for their safety and the safety of others.

The first step to enrolling in one of our training programs is to set up a phone consultation. We will discuss your training needs and goals, what you can expect from a training program, and set a timeline. If we choose to move forward with booking a program, we take a non-refundable deposit to hold the space. Dogs with extreme behavioral concerns will need to attend an in-person consultation prior to setting a start date, for the safety of the dog and our staff.

A board and train program is a great way to get advanced dog obedience training FAST. We work 7 days a week to give your dog training repetitions in the house, on the training property, and out on field trips (pet friendly stores, parks, trails, and more). Your dog will spend every day with a professional trainer, getting in multiple training sessions and working on house manners. 

Once your dog graduates from the training program, the client education portion begins! We need to teach you how to work with your dog like a dog trainer. You will receive written and video instructions on how to enforce the training, how to use the equipment, and what to do when your dog blows you off (because dogs WILL test your dog training skills when they come home). For the first two weeks post-graduation, we will ask you to keep everything low distraction. It is important you learn to read your dog and know how react proactively in new situations before upping the difficulty. Once those two weeks are up, we can meet for a private follow up lesson to test the training skills in more difficult situations. Our programs will train your dog, but they will also train you… which is almost more important!

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