Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking at this page, it means you are doing your research and working hard to find the right dog trainer for you. Great work! It is very important to research dog training companies before hiring one. We always recommend that dog owners do the following in their search for a dog obedience training program:

  • Check online for reviews from past dog training clients (Google, Facebook, etc)
  • Look through past social media posts (Facebook and Instagram), looking at the attitude of the dogs and the results
  • Interview the dog trainer over the phone prior to enrolling your dog in a dog boarding and training program
  • Ask about the dog-to-trainer ratio at the dog training center
  • Inquire about your dog trainers professional experience, including:
    • Years in the field as a full-time dog trainer
    • Experience in other parts of animal husbandry (animal shelter work, veterinary care, boarding and daycare services, etc.)
    • Professional accomplishments such as titles in competitive dog sports, awards, or otherwise
    • Any mentorships, seminars, dog training workshops they have completed
    • Number of years spent working under other dog trainers (did they just open a business without experience?)

At Dog Dynamix Ohio, we believe nothing beats years in the field working with a team, learning the most up-to-date dog and puppy training methods, and proving ourselves on the competition field. Dog training is a constantly changing — and unregulated — industry, and there is always more for a dog trainer to learn. Learn more about our Ohio Dog Trainer and her accomplishments here.

Private lessons begin at $75 per lesson and are included with dog training while boarding programs. Board and trains begin at $1695 for puppy school and increase with duration, skills learned (off leash dog training), behavioral concerns such as lunging and barking on leash, aggression, resource guarding, or separation anxiety, and your dog’s age. 

Remember to factor in that most one-on-one training packages do not include dog training equipment, whereas boarding and training programs do. 

Yes! Financing options are available through PayPal Credit. You are able to apply for their Credit offer, and we can send you an invoice if you are approved. PayPal Credit gives you six months no interest to pay for your dog training program.

We can begin boarding and training for puppies any time after 10 weeks of age. Due to increased risk of illness and intestinal parasites in young puppies, we do require a clean fecal test (poop sample) prior to beginning an overnight puppy training camp. This can be done at your veterinarian as soon as you bring your new puppy home! Puppies must be current on vaccinations, including bordetella and distemper/parvo, for their age.

We are a balanced training facility, meaning we start all dogs off with a liberal foundation of positive reinforcement training through shaping and luring behaviors. Once they have a solid understanding of the obedience skills on the leash, we then overlay the “have to” part of training via thoughtful use of corrections. We then work to build their skills unleashed, with the goal being a reliable off-leash trained dog. Using a balanced training methodology we produce happy, motivated dogs who want to work, but also know they have to listen for their safety and the safety of others.
At Dog Dynamix, we do not teach using the ecollar, but we do proof using them. That’s a really important difference in dog training, as teaching a dog with an ecollar is putting them into an escape/avoidance state of mind — essentially making them figure out how to release pressure without them understanding what is being asked of them — rather than helping the dog be successful, and then introducing fair corrections to disobedience to known, well-practiced skills. We utilize a LOT of positive reinforcement, teaching the dog how to do the skills, increasing distraction strategically, and then going on field trips to make sure they can perform those skills in new environments around dogs, people, and other heavy distractions. Proper use of an electronic dog training collar does not cause fear, anxiety, or aggression. It helps us open up our dogs world by giving them the gift of off leash reliability and consistent feedback.
We do not use remote collars on puppies under 6 months of age.

We have extensive experience with the following problem dog behaviors:

  • overall disobedience
  • jumping on guests 
  • barking at dogs or people on leash
  • aggression towards dogs
  • fear aggression
  • general anxiety
  • potty training
  • fence fighting
  • counter surfing
  • running away
  • chasing prey (chickens, cats, livestock)
  • car chasing
  • reactivity towards joggers, skateboards, bicycles, etc.
  • lack of impulse control

Dog Dynamix Ohio can help you create a training plan to work with most problem behaviors. Due to our intimate home training environment, we are not able to take dogs with high levels of aggression towards people, extreme separation anxiety, or dogs who cannot be safely contained in a crate. If you’d like to discuss your situation, we’d be happy to set a phone consultation.

Here’s a little secret about dog training… it is not a magic pill. Dogs are living, breathing creatures and not computers we can program. We can guarantee that if you follow our training advice and do your homework, you will see positive dog training results. However, as we cannot control how you live with your dog at home, whether or not you use your training equipment and recommended training techniques, or how you control the environment to help set your dog up for success, we cannot offer a money-back guarantee on training programs.

Dog owners who commit to doing right by their dog and follow our training recommendations will receive individual dog trainer support so everyone is satisfied with the results. We will never guarantee a “cure” for behavioral problems, but we will help you figure out how to make them easier to live with via obedience training, management strategies, and behavior modification techniques.

While our goal is off leash training for adult dogs, some dogs may not be appropriate candidates for off leash adventures. This may include dogs with high levels of fear or anxiety, aggression towards dogs or people, dogs with noise phobias, and dogs with high prey drive. Your dog trainer will give you honest feedback of what they think is realistic for your individual dog.

Choosing a board and train program versus a private dog training lesson package is a personal decision. We can help you decide what works best for your individual situation over the phone or during an in-person consultation. The biggest factors that affect the decision making process are:

  • Budget. Private lessons are an affordable way to train a dog.
  • Time. Dog owners must commit to training their dogs each and every day while going through a private dog training package, as they are responsible for the outcome of the program. Boarding and training programs get your dog solid repetitions daily, done by a professional. Dog trainers also tend to have access to appropriate distractions (other dog trainers, trained dogs, tried and tested places for field trips) and since this is what we do all day every day, we can get things moving quickly.
  • Behavioral concerns. A dog with aggressive or anxious behavior can do better outside of their trigger environments, so a board and train program may be more appropriate.
  • Physical limitations of the owner. Dog training is a physical activity and dogs can be very strong. If a dog owner is not physically able to do the dog training lessons, a board and train is a better choice.
  • Convenience. Boarding and training is a popular option for dog owners who are going on business trips or vacations.

Dogs enrolled in our overnight boarding and training camps have a dedicated “kennel room” in our dog trainers home, where they will sleep in large, escape-proof dog crates. This allows dogs to live and sleep in a home-like environment, not a noisy kennel or off-site building.

This comes down to the individual dog. Some dogs we recommend a part-way visit where we can begin training exercises and get you learning hands on with the new training skills. For dogs with high levels of separation anxiety, fearfulness, or other behavioral concerns, it may not be beneficial for your dog to see you and then have you leave again. We can discuss visits once we get to know your dog and your situation a little better.

The first step to enrolling in one of our training programs is to set up a phone consultation. We will discuss your training needs and goals, what you can expect from a training program, and set a timeline. If we choose to move forward with booking a program, we take a non-refundable deposit to hold the space. Dogs with behavioral concerns will need to attend an in-person consultation prior to setting a start date, for the safety of the dog and our staff.

A board and train program is a great way to get advanced dog obedience training FAST. We work 7 days a week to give your dog training repetitions in the house, on the training property, and out on field trips (pet friendly stores, parks, trails, and more). Your dog will spend every day with a professional trainer, getting in multiple training sessions and working on house manners. 

You can expect that your dog will have a solid understanding of critical dog training skills in new environments, and under distraction. But, dog training only works if you work it! You should expect that your dog will make some mistakes when they come home, and for the remainder of their life! Dog training is about knowing how to respond to those mistakes, and how you can use your dogs new obedience skills to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Once your dog graduates from the training program, the client education portion begins! We need to teach you how to work with your dog like a dog trainer. You will receive written and video instructions on how to enforce the training, how to use the equipment, and what to do when your dog blows you off (because dogs WILL test your dog training skills when they come home). For the first two weeks post-graduation, we will ask you to keep everything low distraction. It is important you learn to read your dog and know how react proactively in new situations before upping the difficulty. Once those two weeks are up, we can meet for a private follow up lesson to test the training skills in more difficult situations. Our programs will train your dog, but they will also train you… which is almost more important!

Dog Dynamix Ohio is located in West Central Ohio, close to the town of Sidney. Our off leash dog training programs are perfect for anyone close to Cincinnati, Dayton, or Columbus, Ohio. Whether you’re looking for Dayton Dog Training or Columbus Puppy Training, we have a dog board and train program near you to meet your needs.