5 Tips For Finding Quality Dog Training Near You

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Learn 5 easy tips for finding quality dog training in your local area with this guide. Get started now!

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Finding quality dog training nearby can be a challenge. With this guide, you’ll have the tools you need to find the perfect dog training program for you and your dog. Learn 5 easy tips so you can get started with professional dog training in your local area today!

Research Online For Local Dog Training Courses.

The first step in finding a quality dog training course near you is to research online. There are many websites and directories online that list local dog trainers and classes, and every trainer has a social media page for their business these days. Take the time to read reviews from other dog owners and find detailed information about the courses taught by each trainer. This way, you can easily compare programs and choose one that best meets your needs. Things to look out for:

How many dogs are assigned per dog trainer?

Does the trainer accept dogs and puppies of all ages, breeds, and sizes?

What opportunities are there for advancing in training? Does the program have significant follow up opportunities post-graduation?

What is the dog trainers professional experience? Did they mentor under any other dog trainers, and do they regularly attend dog training workshops?

Will the dog trainer send you homework for when the training program ends?

There are all important considerations, and can greatly affect your dogs’ training success rate.

Ask Your Friends, Family and Veterinarian for Advice & Referrals.

Don’t forget to ask your friends, family members and veterinarian for advice and referrals. They may have personal experience with a quality dog training program and can let you know what worked well for them. Pay attention to THEIR dogs’ behavior! If their dog is a bit of an out of control wild-child, maybe don’t press them for a recommendation… but you should absolutely ask dog owners that have calm, polite dogs out in the world and see how they trained their dog! Dog Dynamix Ohio gets a lot of calls that start out as, “I was out and about in town, and I saw this REALLY WELL TRAINED DOG, I just had to ask where they got their dog trained…”. When you reach out to people, be sure to ask about the cost of the program, what type of techniques were taught, and whether or not the instructor was someone they’d recommend or return to. This will help you quickly narrow down your options so you can select the best training program for your pup.

Determine What Type of Program Is Right for You and Your Dog

Before you start your search for the perfect dog training course, it’s important to understand what type of instruction will best serve your pup and your unique needs. Are you looking for an overnight board and train program, an in-person group training class, private lessons, or an online training course? If you have basic training skills mastered but are looking to really push it to the next level, a lot of high quality dog training instructors have content available online for a fee. You can also look into in-person dog training seminars/workshops from highly respected dog trainers traveling through your town. There are so many options these days, so do your research before settling on a dog trainer near you.

Read Reviews Before Putting Down a Deposit.

Knowing the quality of instruction you will be receiving before committing to a dog training program is key. Take some time to read online reviews and talk to people who have had success with any instructors or trainers you are considering. Many cities and towns also have Facebook groups dedicated to pet owners looking for advice on local businesses, including trainers, so don’t forget to take advantage of those resources. Ask around, and see what names regularly get brought up in your community, and why. You should always dig for good reviews and bad reviews, and decide which ones are credible, honest reviews from clients, which are from people who just seem unhappy because of unrealistic expectations, and which reviews might be fake. Just like shopping on Amazon, we need to look at things with a magnifying glass!

Inquire About a Trainer’s Qualifications and Experience.

Before enrolling in any dog training classes or courses, find out what type of qualifications the trainer holds. Is he/she certified by any industry organizations? Is the trainer experienced and educated in modern dog training methods? Have they worked with or under other experienced dog trainers, and if so, for how long? Do they compete in any dog sports? How is their reputation in the local dog training community? Ask as many questions as you need to be sure you’re investing your money in a qualified and ethical trainer that you can trust.

We hope this guide helps you find the best dog trainer near you. With so many options, the choices can seem overwhelming… but following these quick tips should get your pooch on their way to better behavior fast! If you are local to Columbus, Dayton, or Cincinnati, contact us for more information on how we can help you train your dog.

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