4 Helpful Tips to determine if a board and train is right for you and your dog. 

A black and white dog lays calmly out at a busy park during a dog training field trip.

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Is a Board and Train right for you and your dog?

  1. Taking classes and learning to train your own dog is a worthwhile endeavor, however, most dog training classes last a minimum of 6 weeks, and in that time, barely cover leash walking and other basics. In addition, private dog training and group dog training classes require the owner to practice (daily) what they’ve learned in class that week. Do you have the time to commit to teaching your dog the skills every day? While a board and train still requires owner commitment and practice, you are working on skills that your dog has a solid understanding of. Dog training is all we do, and we love it! Our programs are designed to meet your training goals in a condensed period of time. 
  1. Convenience – If you are planning a trip, or have an event (remodeling, work conference or project, etc) that necessitates the dog needing daycare or boarding, it may make sense to make the most of that time away from your dog teaching them great life skills! Most boarding facilities are too full and busy to control barking, jumping, pulling on leash, and other nuisance behaviors. Our Board and Train Programs. exercise your dog’s mind and body through teaching polite greetings, proper leash manners, stay, waiting at doors and more. Out of control play groups create out of control dogs. At Dog Dynamix, your dog won’t pick up bad habits. Our emphasis is better behavior, and happily obedient dogs. 
  1. Dog and Owner limitations – Some dog behavior issues require special attention. Dog training requires precision, patience, perseverance, and knowing the right technique for the moment. If the dog presents a danger to the client or the public, it’s best to let a professional step in. Additionally, some clients might have mobility issues or may be elderly and aren’t physically capable of practicing the training techniques. Leave it to the pros. We will take excellent care of your dog and be sure that you get the training you need. 
  1. Board and Train is Perfect for New or Expecting Parents – Managing your dog while trying to establish a new routine and care for your little one can be quite a challenge. Who will watch the dog when the Baby is on the way? Board and Train is the perfect place for your dog to learn obedience and baby-manners in a short amount of time. Let us give your dog the one-on-one attention it deserves, while allowing peace and time to settling in to your new life and family.  

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