One-on-One Dog Training Lessons

Dog Dynamix Ohio understands that Boarding and Training Programs aren’t for everyone. We are here to help those who can’t part with their dog for one reason or another via private, customized dog training lessons. Our private dog training programs can cover issues such as jumping on guests, barking at the door, running away after small animals, chasing chickens or livestock, and can teach your dog important skills such as walking without pulling on leash, coming when called, and being calm around people and other dogs.

A border collie puppy looks up happily at her handler during a trainer session.

Private dog training lessons are available to an extremely limited number of dog owners each month, due to high demand and our trainer’s availability. 

Lessons take place at our property in Maplewood, Ohio. Dog owners outside of this geographical area should consider one of our boarding and training programs. 

Packages begin at $75 per 1-hour lesson, but go up dependent on number of sessions purchased in a program, behavioral concerns, and the individual needs of the dog (or owner). 

Cost Effective

Private dog training lessons make sense for budget conscious dog owners, or households with multiple dogs.

Behavioral Concerns

Private dog training for dog owners who are dealing with relationship issues with their dogs. We will come up with a custom dog training plan to help you tackle behavior problems head on, and to help you learn how to better live with your dog. 


Each lesson will provide you with homework, videos, and handouts to keep you on task for the week.

Our private lessons are perfect for teaching dogs and puppies obedience training, no jumping, coming when called, house manners, and how to behave in public settings.

Note: Dog Training is a physical activity that can result in injury. Applicable dog owners must be physically capable of training their dog, and must be willing to train their dog daily during the duration of the program.