Basic to Advanced Training for Puppies. Avoid problem behaviors before they start! Get help with socialization, potty training, crate training, grooming handling, walking on leash, name recognition, stopping inappropriate puppy biting and more!

Perfect Puppy Program

Cost: $3295 | 2nd dog same household $3095


This is the ultimate puppy boarding and training program specializing in teaching your puppy basic manners, crate training, focus and attention, potty training, and off-leash reliability. All required training equipment and follow-up lessons included!

Personalized Puppy Training Plan

Included With Training

Puppy Foundations

Cost: $1695 | 2nd dog same household $1495

Two-week puppy jump start to work on engagement, name recognition, socialization, and potty training. Your puppy will live with their dog trainer and will be exposed to new people, dogs, sights and smells! 

Personalized Puppy Training Plan

Included With Training

What Clients Say

“I dropped off a sweet, anxious, reactive dog with little to no self-control, and picked up the same sweet dog, but with an amazing ability to be calm in new surroundings, and ready to listen to me, even in the midst of excitement. He has more confidence, and is an absolute joy to be around with his new obedience skills. Thank you for giving my dog the skills to be successful and pleasant to be around, and giving me the tools to continue on the great foundation you’ve given him!” – Nicole B., Indiana